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Practical Information, Volunteering and Internships

Before you head to Morocco

Needed legal documents
In order to avoid any kind of troubles when arriving to Morocco, please make sure that you have a valid passport.
Visa status
Visitors from the EU, Switzerland and Canada do not need a visa to visit Morocco. The maximum period of stay for tourists of all nationalities is 90 days.
Vaccination: No vaccines are required.

Items you need to bring with you:

  • A first-aids kit containing: Medication for gastric disorders, antibiotics (ask for your doctor’s advice), bandages or anything that you might need to treat small pains on your feet and your personal medications.
  • Micropur to disinfect the water.
  • Toiletry kit.
  • Sun protection: Beware of the sun in Morocco since it can be very strong throughout all seasons. It is highly recommended to have a sunscreen with a strong coefficient.
  • Moisturizer lipstick..
  • Headlamp with a replacement battery and bulb.

Village traditions:

  • Inside our houses, please make sure to take off your shoes before entering and do not enter rooms where you are not explicitly invited.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before shared meals, since we commonly eat from the same plate.
  • In our tradition; believers eat with three fingers of the right hand, prophets with two, gluttons with five and only the devil eats with one finger.
  • You are allowed to start eating only after the head of the house says Bismillah (In the name of Allah).
  • An invitation for a cup of tea is a true hospitality gesture: so never refuse to drink the first, second and third cup of tea, only after that you can say no without being impolite.
  • Try to stay away from discussions about sensitive subjects such as politics and religion since they may easily turn into a heated discussion.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, you need to respect the period of fasting of the population: avoid drinking, eating or smoking in a way that may attract attention.
  • Wearing a discreet and simple outfit is a sign of respect towards the poor population. It is preferred to wear long sleeves, trousers and bermuda shorts, tank tops and mini shorts.
  • As to photography, it is necessary to get the permission of the subjects of your shots before you take pictures.
  • It is prohibited for non-muslims to access mosques and holy places
  • As for haggling, do not get paranoid, not everybody will try to deceive you all the time! Bargain your way with a smile on your face for souvenirs, but not for the everyday consumable goods.

Where my money is going?
The donated funds will be invested in our projects and used as a financial support for our association. You will have a full explanation of where your money goes during the Welcome Day.
Participation fee
Volunteers will be required to pay 8 Euros a day for each person, thus covering housing, food, water and electricity. The aforementioned participation fee does not cover personal gifts and public transportation.
Participation fees must be fully payed in cash, using Dirham or Euro, on the first day of the internship.

Volunteers tasks

  • Helping women working in farming lands (cutting grass, planting vegetables, harvesting…)
  • Organizing awareness raising campaigns about the importance of the protection of the environment and waste collection with the participation of the villages’ youth.
  • You will teach French (or else) to our youth, and you will be taught Tamazight in return.
  • You will also be required to make quizzes and organize sporting activities for the youth of the village.
  • Helping in the construction of the cultural center that the association plans to start building in the first few months of 2016
  • Volunteers will work for 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday; a 3 hours shift in the morning and a 2 hours shift in the afternoon. During the week-ends you will be free to organize excursions and outings with the youth of the village.

Nourishment and housing

The volunteers will be housed in the homes of host families and the meals will be provided by the families as well.
The volunteers may help with cleaning the house and meals preparation.

Langues Spoken languages : French, English or Arabic
Condition : Conditions : Adults volunteers only

des femmes, des hommes et des enfants vivent mieux parce que d’autres femmes et d’autres hommes le veulent.. tifawine a besoin de fonds propres afin d’obtenir l’aide que constituent les cofinancements. toute somme, même modeste, est bienvenue.. nous sommes vraiment convaincus de la richesse incomparable des rencontres humaines et souhaiterions que des étrangers se rendent chez leurs frères les berbères afin de mieux entrer en relation avec eux par la connaissance de leurs conditions de vie, de leurs coutumes, de leur pensée. nous savons par expérience que de tels échanges conduisent à des satisfactions réciproques…

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