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Scouting and Volunteering

Our association highly depends on the commitment and dedication of scouts and volunteers, and its main goal is to help R’bat’s villagers in their quest for knowledge and education.

What does it mean to be a volunteer helping Tifawine?

In order to be a volunteer working with Tifawine you must share our values and our vision of solidarity and to express your willingness to share your life experiences with us. Anyone is welcomed to volunteer to work with us and help us achieve our goals and ambitions. Volunteering is also about devoting some of your time to help us in our endeavors:
It is up to our volunteers and scouts to choose to participate in the preparation of our fundraising events. Also, they might help organize awareness raising campaigns about the actions of Tifawine or help in the creation and the organization of development projects such as delivering school supplies or even the constructing schools and cultural centers in R’bat.

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering to work with our association will allow you to develop a better understanding of the world around you by getting acquainted with foreign cultures, in this case the Amazigh culture of the Moroccan High Atlas, and by understanding issues related to schooling and human development in one of the most remote areas of Morocco.
On the one hand, volunteers help us achieve the sustainable development of the village. On the other hand, they also develop the skills that might be useful for their studies and/or in their professional insertion. In fact, working with us means that you will acquire the spirit of being a team player and you will also have access to training programs in many fields. Not only that, but you can also present your volunteer work as an internship for your school or university, thus adding extra-value to your resume.
Finally, volunteering is also about meeting, sharing and participating in festive actions and events and expressing your artistic or cultural ideas and the desire to put them in the service of others in an atmosphere full of solidarity and cooperation.

How to join Tifawine?

If you are a group of young volunteers or scouts planning to do volunteer work in Morocco, then you can get in touch with us via e-mail (See Contact us section, or Pre-inscription for Volunteers or Internships) or call us to express your interest in our association and inform us about how exactly you plan to help.

des femmes, des hommes et des enfants vivent mieux parce que d’autres femmes et d’autres hommes le veulent.. tifawine a besoin de fonds propres afin d’obtenir l’aide que constituent les cofinancements. toute somme, même modeste, est bienvenue.. nous sommes vraiment convaincus de la richesse incomparable des rencontres humaines et souhaiterions que des étrangers se rendent chez leurs frères les berbères afin de mieux entrer en relation avec eux par la connaissance de leurs conditions de vie, de leurs coutumes, de leur pensée. nous savons par expérience que de tels échanges conduisent à des satisfactions réciproques…

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