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Tutoring students in their school dropout phase:

Setting up a counseling class in order to provide psychological and social support to struggling children and establish a communication channel with their parents. The aim of this action is to support and prevent students and parents alike from leaving school by putting them in a less competitive extracurricular environment.

  • Tutoring projects:

Tifawine’s tutoring projects combine the strengthening of the basic academic concepts studied by children during the previous year, and the instauration of the spirit of curiosity and discovery through playful activities all made and organized by volunteers.
It is an extremely rewarding and recreational experience for the children and it is also an incredible opportunity for volunteers to understand an authentic culture and experience the everyday life and conviviality of the villagers.

What Needs to be Done

The volunteers will give free courses to primary and secondary school children (ranging from 5 to 15 years olds) in the following subjects: French, calculus, general knowledge, writing, spelling, grammar and reading.
Recreational activities (board games, theatre, singing, dancing, drawing, poetry…) will be organized for the children with the aim of mentoring them.

Tutoring Program for the Summer of 2016

Project Periods Locations Available positions
Tutoring and animation activities for the children From June 1st till September 15th Tifawine’s cultural center – R’bat Village 10
  • The organization of reading sessions for schoolchildren and middle school students and rewarding the best pupils with new books.
  • Creating a library that will also have its own video library.

Training and skills development

Protecting the environment

  • Erosion control programs: The problem of erosion directly affects the population of the montane areas of our zone of intervention and indirectly the populations downstream. The reason behind this is the reduction of the capacity of retention of dams as a consequence the flow of water and stones.
  • Promoting the protection of the environment.
  • The development of organic farming.

Fighting Poverty and Rural Exodus

  • The creation of agricultural cooperatives, Tifawine works on the valorization of agricultural products
  • • Organic eggs and hens: The purchasing of eggs, chicks and hens for a dozen women from the village in the first phase and other women from the surrounding villages in the second phase as well as teaching them how to improve the packaging of organic eggs produced on site and the installation of an incubator.

des femmes, des hommes et des enfants vivent mieux parce que d’autres femmes et d’autres hommes le veulent.. tifawine a besoin de fonds propres afin d’obtenir l’aide que constituent les cofinancements. toute somme, même modeste, est bienvenue.. nous sommes vraiment convaincus de la richesse incomparable des rencontres humaines et souhaiterions que des étrangers se rendent chez leurs frères les berbères afin de mieux entrer en relation avec eux par la connaissance de leurs conditions de vie, de leurs coutumes, de leur pensée. nous savons par expérience que de tels échanges conduisent à des satisfactions réciproques…

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