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Protecting the Environment

«…The environment must be regarded as a national wealth whose protection is a collective responsibility of present and future generations alike…
The projects already carried out and those to come, must now obey strict specifications that reflects Morocco’s ambition to be part of a progressive policy that reconciles the imperatives of socio-economic development and the preservation of the environment and sustainable development. »
His Majesty King Mohammed VI, 30th July 2009

Our mission

In Morocco, it must be said that environmental problems are numerous, complex and constantly mutating. Individual efforts that aim to participate in the protection of the environment are important but of little impact in the long run. What is actually needed is a genuine global strategy of preserving the environment with the involvement of all citizens (representatives, local authorities, civil society, population and so on).
Among the things that constitute environmental problems in both the village and the valley of Ait Bougumez:

  • Solid and liquid waste problems.
  • Pollution of water resources.
  • The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture.
  • The degradation of soil and natural ecosystems.
  • Global warming, drought and desertification.
  • Biodiversity regression.
  • Very limited environmental awareness.

In the light of these observations, it is clear that this situation must not last and something must be quickly done to save what is left to save through the involvement of all. Tifawine tries through its actions to help preserve the environment, promote the development of resources and raise the villagers’ awareness about ecology through the following actions:

  • The organization of days of waste collection with the participation of children and youth from the village.
  • The organization of awareness-raising campaigns for the protection of the environment.
  • The promotion of environmental education and raising awareness about the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.
  • Conducting researches, projects and activities in favor of the development of ecotourism in natural sites.
  • The promotion of good behavior in natural environments to better preserve the local nature and traditions
  • Contributing to the economic and social development of the local populations
  • Contributing in the preservation of natural resources.
  • Contributing to the valorization of our national ecological heritage, the richness of Morocco’s biodiversity and the diversity of natural landscapes.
  • Promoting eco-tourism as a tool for nature preservation and as an alternative to the overexploitation of natural resources.