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The objectives of Tifawine Association are:

  • Fight deschooling and promoting the education and training of youth.
    • Promote the betterment of the health conditions of rural populations.
    • Promote the protection of the environment.
    • Revaluing the culture and the architectural and historical heritage.
    • Promoting and propagating the Amazigh culture and art.
    • Fighting illiteracy.
    • Promote maternal and child health.
    • Fighting youth rural exodus.
    • Providing easy access to basic health care the population.
    • Participating in the development of organic farming.
    • Giving access to its structures and to share its experiences with other organizations with the same ambitions and goals.
    • Enroll in national and international organizations with similar objectives to ours; to promote and manage any other initiative considered capable of achieving the objectives of the association while remaining true to its core values, and to be present wherever the presence or activity of the association might be useful and/or necessary.